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Fighting over men with Xu Xian (a legendary figure)
Fighting over men with Xu Xian (a legendary figure)
Author: Velvet Verity Novels
Ongoing/ 174938words/1455views
Alternate Universe
Shen Qing dressed into a green snake and was kept by a thousand-year monster on his sleeve. This thought to take the true route, until he found a handsome big monster named Bai Suzhen, Shen Qing this just know that he wore into the white snake. Then Shen Qing went crazy —— big monster is actually the legend of the gentle and virtuous white empress? Shen Qing looked at the really gentle male monster in front of him, said the script is wrong. And you, Xu Xian, you are far away from my big monster! I cover the big monster! This article is also known as: "little fan brother and his male god" main attack, sweet pet, suspense, attack growth type, early meng late black. Growth type pseudo high cold green snake attack x external domineering inside gentle white snake by note: Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian [not too] sexual behavior, since not too, then who is this child, well, you guess. Unfold
Content 118chapters
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