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Boyfriend in Bloom
Boyfriend in Bloom
Author: Flash fiction
Ongoing/ 8049words/2108views
Flash Fiction
Short Fiction
That day on the subway, I was squeezed into the arms of a handsome man, only to find a small, tender yellow chrysanthemum blooming on top of his head. As a plant enthusiast, I just had to poke it, but little did I know, he would explode, sprouting even more chrysanthemums. The next day, I aced my interview, thrown into a lab to cultivate chrysanthemums with my boss being the handsome man from the subway. It was then I found out that my love for plants was because I was a Restorer! Surprisingly, a three-meter tall carnivorous plant called me "mom"! Do I look like a woman who could give birth to a man-eating plant?! All I could do was kiss the little chrysanthemum in my hand and pray for Yan Shuo to rescue me! Unfold
Content 2chapters
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