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My husband is the King of Hell
My husband is the King of Hell
Author: Velvet Verity Novels
Ongoing/ 748103words/6224views
A man has three lights, weak lights are weak, ghost strange appearance. Mu Yang for the first time to see the dark, is such a strange atmosphere, dark said he low luck, a look will be ghost, with back home. She said he Yang heavy, Yang is not afraid of ghosts, and then climbed to bed. Mu Yang turn to the side, from now on opened the pet wife mode... while clarifying the pet... do not delay. Falling in love while catching ghosts... a little annoying but what about seeing ghosts in bed?... Is there a solution to the strange uncomfortable? All in pet... no abuse point... if the fruit ghost do some bad things also calculate abuse... also the plot needs ghost ghost gas introduction: are you afraid of ghosts? You have a pair of eyes in a dark corner... Want to run? Past life debt, this life..... no time arrived... I'm waiting for you... are you ready? Perhaps terrible may be funny than mainly see what ghost ~ cat in bed ~ bedtime "poison" Xiao you said: this book thunder thunder I do not know but the lack of ghosts, what may appear good black, bad people turn sex everything is possible Unfold
Content 505chapters
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