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The Fallen Star's Guide to Sexual Health Education
The Fallen Star's Guide to Sexual Health Education
Author: Inkwell Lab
Ongoing/ 1308words/1147views
Show biz
Entertainment Industry
Younger Love Interest
Sweet Torment
Celebrity Idol
Love at First Sight
Light-hearted Comedy
A tsundere, venom-tongued straight man meets a cunning, nonchalant seducer. Top celebrity Si Kangming, once a young prodigy in the entertainment world, fearless and brash, dared to challenge his boss and personally confront malicious fans. However, his career plummeted when damaging scandals were exposed, leading to his sidelining by his agency. Forced by circumstances, he moves from his luxury home to a common residential building amidst harassment from obsessive fans. Just when he thought he could finally enjoy some peace, he finds himself entangled with an almost obsessive neighborhood committee director, who chases people around the community with a loudspeaker, promoting sexual health education. Have you ever seen someone run around a neighborhood with a loudspeaker to talk about sexual health? Director Qu: "Mr. Si, sexual health refers to the overall well-being of sexually desirous individuals physically, emotionally, intellectually, belief-wise, behaviorally, and in social interactions, expressing as a positive and mature personality, rich and mature interpersonal relations, and honest and loyal love and marital relationships. Mr. Si, having too many partners isn’t good for you..." Si Kangming, at his limit: "Shut up, you nagging lunatic, I’m not dating you, why do you care so much?" After a long hesitation, Director Qu seriously whispers, "About dating me, perhaps you could consider it." Si Kangming: "???" Author XP insists: No effeminate, dual-sex, pampered, or burping baby literature. Unfold
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