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Blade of Benevolence
Blade of Benevolence
Author: Blade of Benevolence
Ongoing/ 6147words/1392views
Flash Fiction
Short fiction
Everything is wrong... all wrong! The letter wasn't written by Tang Xueying... "Although I'm not sure how she found me, the actual letter writer, having been stood up by me, kidnapped her as retaliation!" Genius detective Zhou Shaochi received a charming yet threatening letter written in a tone of a love letter, the threat was evident everywhere. Left with no choice, Zhou Shaochi decided to meet up with the sender, though unexpectedly, it was a 12-year-old girl. Following a brief interaction, the girl mysteriously vanished, and Zhou Shaochi found himself entangled in a murder case. Yet, when Zhou unraveled the truth, he realized that the bullet he had fired years ago had passed through the girl, striking him squarely in the heart. All of this turned out to be an ingenious plot. Unfold
Content 9chapters
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