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Special substitute pet
Special substitute pet
Author: Velvet Verity Novels
Ongoing/ 313616words/2726views
Original" forced pregnancy " copy: sexy slag attack X gentle tolerance spoil by, sexual children, pet attack a feud, Qin Fangtan attributed the death of his lover's death and his own experience to Zhou Xun, and a series of revenge."Torture you pain is only your body, I want more than that, I also want to let you taste the taste of heartache."" When I get tired of playing, you can get away from me."A dream, Zhou Xun understood his heart, choose to hide the feelings of him in the torture on the verge of collapse. After all experience, he thought, everything can start from scratch, but the man began to hide from him... PS: slag attack is delicious, but only novels, don't bring into reality! Open ending Unfold
Content 205chapters
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