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Rebirth with special preferences
Rebirth with special preferences
Author: Velvet Verity Novels
Ongoing/ 277764words/1893views
Entertainment circle funny than cheerful mentally retarded text, strong, romantic amorous sex by & introverted cold belly black attack, modern background, 1V1, HE heavy before death, Xie Shuling thought Xiao Mo is a narrow-minded villain, constantly persecute innocent and weak Lin Shouchen. He broke up for Lin Shouchen and Xiao Mo, but in the end, the only one to care about him, only Xiao Mo. After rebirth, Xie Shuling returned to just break up with Xiao Mo, he tried his best to save, Xiao Mo did not give him a little chance. Daughter-in-law refuse to compound how to do? Never mind, know the daughter-in-law's special hobby must be no problem! Xie Shuling online shopping a lot of "special items", began to fight.well? And so on, the daughter-in-law seems to have where is not the same, the daughter-in-law's eyes are not big right ah, lie down. How are you so strong...... I stop now QAQ but it's too late. Xie shuling: take a bean sack, daughter-in-law, are you crazy! You let me go! Xiao Mo: Oh, you all take this, do you think you can escape? This is a dead man in order to compound desperately to cater to the daughter-in-law's special hobby, finally raised a gentry ♂ old attack story. Warning three company: this article attack called Xiao Mo, called Xie Sholing, do not stand wrong. After the rebirth of the attack by the reversal, like the direct point collection ~ this article attack has some special small hobby, like the direct point collection Unfold
Content 189chapters
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