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Locked golden hairpin
Locked golden hairpin
Author: Velvet Verity Novels
Ongoing/ 331868words/1683views
Love a person, is eager to use a gold lock, put him imprisoned. When Duan Yelin first saw Xu Hang, he wanted to shut him up, the gold house hidden jiao —— in fact he did so. He is a robber; he is indifferent, he is a fish. Xu Hang was unwilling, but he wanted to live, he still has a lot of things not to do, so he finally went into the small copper Pass. A long years of grinding. Entanglement for four years, Xu Hang is always like a bowl of just boil good medicine, faint floating medicine fragrance, but only drink down to know is poison or antidote. After a long time, Duan Yelin understood that he locked, not a cold and arrogant golden sparrow, but a cold sharp golden hairpin."From the past life to this life, how many lovers live together, who is compatible with my flesh? Unfold
Content 182chapters
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